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Here are some guides and resources for killer strategies that you can quickly and easily implement to grow your dental practice online.

Free Report - 23 Strategies To Get New Dental Patients Online

23 strategies to get more patients

Discover the 23 strategies that flood your dental practice with more patients.

  • Uncover effective strategies that almost no one knows about
  • Discover the biggest obstacle keeping your dental practice from growing
  • Unlock the secrets behind some of the most successful dental practices
  • See how you can get ahead of all your competition
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Dental Marketing Agency

Want to get more dental patients online?

Have us implement a full patient aquisition system for your dental practice. This involves a carefully crafted strategy built around creating ads that drive interested prospects into a system designed to do nothing but get you booked appointments and patients in your chair.

Dental Marketing Agency

dental marketing agency thumbnail

A done-for-you dental marketing service for implementing a full patient acquisition system for your practice to get more patients

  • Unlock a powerful system that sells for you 24/7
  • Get interested prospects online through your door
  • Leverage effective online marketing strategies
  • Have a predictable and consistent flow of new patients
  • Drive more revenue and growth into your practice
  • And much, much more!


Learn about strategies that get you more patients using the internet

Looking for ways to get more patients online? Here you can see what online strategies are currently the most effective when it comes to driving growth into your dental practice.

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Bryan Brkic

Online Marketer

About Me

Who Is Bryan Brkic?

I'm the founder of Linked Web where I help dental practice owners implement systems into their practice that revolve around online marketing strategies that are designed to get more patients.


Hey, I'm Bryan

I specialize in digital marketing for dentists, and build systems that find interested prospects online and convert them into new patients for your dental practice.

I started off my career as a web developer that built countless websites for various businesses. I later expanded on this and learned how to turn websites I built into systems designed around a single goal of getting a sale online. I then obsessed for years on how to put together potent digital marketing strategies together and build full systems that actually work to drive leads and get sales online.

Eventually I turned my focus into putting these strategies to use in the dental industry since dentistry has had a large impact on my life growing up. Dentists are the reason I get to walk through life with good oral health and a smile I feel happy to show off.

The goal of Linked Web is to be the go-to place for dental practice owners looking to leverage the confusing landscape of online marketing, and use it to get more patients into their chair.

If you have a dental practice that isn't leveraging online marketing strategies and is mostly reliant on referrals, then make sure to book a FREE 30-Minute Strategy Session (valued at $500) where we'll go over what strategies you can implement that will get you more patients online.

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